Volunteer for Your Favorite Charity!

The Survival Race needs the help of local community organizations to make each race a success. In exchange for each volunteers help, we will make a donation to your favorite charity. A $1,200 donation will be made for each group of 20 volunteers or $50 for each individual.

You will also receive a Survival Race Volunteer T-Shirt along with all the race day perks.

Help spread the word through your community and find out how you can become a Survival Volunteer by calling
(888) 418-0978.

"We had a GREAT time!! We look forward to helping you in the future for any events you need help with. The money donated to us for Lanoka Harbor Fire Co. will be going to help build a 9/11 Memorial. We were fortunate to have received a piece of steel from the World Trade Center with the intent of incorporating it into a monument where the public could come and remember those nearly 3000 people lost. Thank you so much for helping us bring that dream closer to reality."

Karen Ziemian Firefighter, Lanoka Harbor Fire Co. 2 Warren Ave. Lanoka Harbor, NJ 08734