Survival Race Events

The Original Family Focused 5K Obstacle Course & Mud Run

The Survival Race is the first family focused obstacle race event of its kind. It is based on a series of obstacles and various physical challenges designed to test an individual’s limits in a fun yet challenging environment. The 20-40 minute obstacle race is now in its third year and is currently the only obstacle race that caters to the family unit.

The race involves all fitness levels, from professional couch potato to weekend warrior to the seasoned athlete. There is something for everybody in all walks of life from ages nine to ninety nine. The creators of the race incorporate the tag line; “Life should be lived!” and believe that challenging one selves will enhance lives both physically and mentally.

The Survival Race Company is a national race organization made up of real people with real life circumstances. They hold races on many properties throughout the country. They are an energetic team of dad’s, mom’s and young adults who want to see Survival Racers have fun, get dirty and learn how to get and stay in the greatest shape of their lives. The races are held throughout the nationand the race locations are quickly expanding.

The Survival Race shares a core philosophy and promotes the idea of exercise in disguise and calls it pure adrenaline filled fun. They believe that weight loss should start with the family and that what most people need is a weight loss tool that continually challenges and motivates them both as individuals and as part of a larger family unit. Statistics show when an entire family is involved with healthy based goals, there is a much higher success rate. The Survival Race provides support through a powerful family and team dynamic and prides itself on not being dad’s or mom’s boring exercise regimen.

The Survival Race team players call the race, “Survival of the Filthiest!” and race partner, James Villepigue, states “its one thing to be a lone wolf and take care of your own well being. It’s a completely other thing to build a powerful family clan and come together to train, and achieve results and to conquer as one tight family unit”.

Families and race participants are encouraged to register online at or call the Survival Race toll-free number (888) 418-0978 for race details and instructions.

For more information about the Survival Race and to find out about registering and sign up; visit

For additional information about The Survival Race, Contact James Villepigue by email: or call James directly at (516) 659-0079.

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This is a MISSION possible. Our awesome event caters to anyone who is looking for what’s become known as some “old fashion” fun. You know, the kind of fun that takes place outdoors and requires that you do more than lounge back and smack your fingers on a keypad!

When you register for your Survival Race, get ready to take massive and immediate action. Once you take on your first Survival Race, you’re in our family for life.

We designed the Survival Race with fun and health in mind. We want our racers to experience the kind of fun that you will not soon forget.

Our race is responsible for getting average people to get up and out, to become active and social creatures, and to stress less and find the fun in fitness.

Abide by our creed and follow our lead…
“Life is not about sitting around and letting it pass you by; it’s meant to live it!”

Team Survival

Dallas Post Race Results

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April 28 2012

Pre-Race News

…No Pre-Race News Available

More details coming soon!


We would like to thank fine dedicated hard working people at The Genesis Center for helping our Dallas event be the best it can be.

Sponsoring a Survival Race is a great way to gain exposure for your business and support your community getting out and getting dirty! Contact us at (888) 418-0978, or email to learn about the sponsorship opportunities available to you.

Long Island NY 5k Mud Run

September 8, 2012
Eastern Long Island
New York

More details coming soon!

Columbus OH
Event Ended
Chester SC
Event Ended
Dallas TX
Event Ended
Long Island NY
May 9, 2015
New Windsor NY
Event Ended
Toledo OH
Event Ended
Six Flags NJ
Event Ended